Intuit Field Service Management – Part 1

I started the certification process for Intuit Field Service management, and sat through a customer demo yesterday…BLOWN AWAY!  Enough that it’s worth my time to sit down and write about it…planning on a multi-part blog post to discuss the features, functionality, and integrations.

If you know someone in HVAC, Heating, Cooling, Mechanical, Regrigeration, Electrictian, Plumber, Security and Alarms, A/V and Home Automation…please forward this to them…

Those, above, are the SWEET SPOT for IFSM, but there are more that it serves such as Medical Equipment, Roofing, Driveway Gates, Sprinkler Repair, and many more.

For a brief overview, let’s start with your accounting system…Intuit Field Service Management works with QuickBooks, all versions…that is: QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise (QBES), and QuickBooks Online (QBO.)

WHAT do IFSM do?  In a nutshell, it helps service based business get more done, get paid faster, and streamline payroll processing.

It is a cloud based solution, so you can use it in the office, on the road, at the work site, and from home!

It is mobile device agnostic!  Use it on your laptop, android phone or tablet, windows phone or tablet, or your iPhone & iPad…

We’ve covered the front-end integration with QuickBooks…

It also features add-ons to make your business even easier and more streamlined such as Time Card and Service Agreement Modules.

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Payroll Hell!

Hell, might be a little over exaggerated…but only a little for the average business owner, office manger, or payroll clerk.

Intuit has tried to simplify the offerings if you look at their website at you’ll see this graphic

this is GREAT until you learn that this isn’t really the full scope of options you have for payroll in QuickBooks, and to make matters a little more confusing, are you running QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks Online? Next question, do you want to do it yourself or do you want Intuit’s Payroll Service to do it for you.

Basically, there are 6 different options to choose from when it comes to QuickBooks Payroll, unless you’re a bookkeeper/accountant providing payroll to your customers which gives you an additional couple of options.

There are basically 6 options to choose from between 2 platforms…

Full Service Options

Intuit Full Service Payroll:  You enter hours and Intuit payroll team takes care of the rest.  Payroll taxes filed and paid for you, 1 click export to QB desktop or QBO, Process payroll for anywhere with internet access, and no need for financial software to run payroll.

QBO Full Service Payroll:  Working within QBO, like above, you enter the hours and Intuit payroll does the rest.  You have the ability to invite your accountant and other users into your books.  Payroll taxes filed and paid for you. Free live support from payroll experts.

Assisted Payroll: You enter the hours, like the last two, the Intuit payroll team does the rest. Payroll taxes filed and paid for you.  Payroll is process inside of QuickBooks Desktop.  Has the ability to Job Cost in detail. Ability to attach 3rd party time tracking applications.

Do It Yourself Payroll Options

Desktop Enhanced Payroll (Do It Yourself): Automatic tax tables, tax forms provided (941, 940, W-2,) and the ability to e-file & e-pay from within QuickBooks.

Online Enchanced Payroll: Available inside of QBO or stand-alone, process payroll from anywhere (with internet,) all the features listed for Desktop Enhanced above.

Desktop & Online BASIC Payroll: Tax tables, print checks, and direct deposit features ONLY. No tax form or the ability to e-file and e-pay.

These six above are the basic options then of course we have QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Gold subscription which includes enhanced payroll with no per employee fees which we haven’t even discussed yet. Typically, with any of the above the per employee fee is $2.00 per employee on top of the regular price.

Payroll Pricing – MSRP

Done for you

Intuit Full-Service Payroll – $99/mo
Assisted Payroll – $99/mo

QuickBooks Online Payroll

QBO + Enhanced Payroll – $39/mo + QBO price
QBO + Full Service Payroll – $99/mo

Do It Yourself Payroll

Enhanced Desktop – $39/mo or $390/annually
Basic Desktop – $25/mo or $250/annually

SO…what’s right for you?  Obviously, everyone and every business is different.  We can give you the ins and outs of all of the choices and you can make up your own mind, or you can discuss your options with our team in a non-stressed no “sales pitch” environment to figure out what payroll is best for you as well as how do we compare to other payroll companies.

What set’s Barons’, Inc. apart?  We are a fifteen year old FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED business.  We treat our customers like family, we want to keep you around!  We look forward to helping you with your payroll needs and all of your QuickBooks needs!

Can you save money on QuickBooks Payroll?

Understanding QuickBooks Payroll Pricing

The subject can get complicated.

For tImage result for stressed outhe subject of this blog post, I want to explain the pricing models and your potential savings.  It probably never occurred to you, that by upgrading your QB software from Pro or Premier to QB Enterprise that you could save money in the long run.

A quick glance (see table below) at the Gold monthly prices below makes it obvious that QuickBooks Enterprise is by far the more expensive accounting / payroll software solution.

It’s important to note that these prices include a 20% ProAdvisor discount…you automatically would receive this discount by purchasing through us, as a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor as well as a Premier Intuit IRP (reseller.)

QBES 1 user  $1,040.00
QBES 2 users  $1,520.00
QBES 3 users  $1,840.00
QBES 4 users  $2,160.00
QBES 5 users  $2,480.00
QBES 6 users  $2,720.00
QBES 7 users  $2,960.00
QBES 8 users  $3,200.00
QBES 9 users  $3,440.00
QBES 10 users  $3,680.00
QBES Up to 30 user  $5,775.00

An annual subscription for Enhanced Payroll for Pro or Premier cost $390 + $2 per month per employee.

Take that cost and add on a QB Pro or Premier license(s) once every three years and you have a total to compare to the cost of QBES Gold.

A quick glance at the Gold monthly prices below makes it obvious that QuickBooks Enterprise is by far the more expensive accounting / payroll software solution.

Here is where this article gets interesting from a payroll cost perspective. There is an employee count point, that makes QuickBooks Enterprise Gold a better value for you, depending on number of user licenses, version of QuickBooks, and number of employees.

Enterprise Gold comes with Enhanced Payroll with NO per employee per month cost, but must be purchased every year AND it costs more at its base.

So, let’s do some case studies.

Contractor Customer

This customer was ON QB Premier and running Enhanced Payroll with 28 employees.  We figured up their cost for staying exactly where they were, all in costs, including software, payroll, per employee fees, over 3 years (assuming you upgrade every 3 years due to Intuit’s Sunset policy.)  The total price to say where they were would be $3,636.00 for 3 years.

Alternatively and what we ended up doing with this customer is this…moved them to QBES Gold that includes the payroll and no per employee charge.  They did get our 20% perpetual discount as mentioned above.  Cost to run QBES and payroll over 3 years is $3,120.00.  This is a total savings of $516.00 over 3 years!





One last thing…I’m including below, the breakeven numbers if you’re interested in trying to figure this out on your own…better yet, let us help you figure out exactly what savings we might be able to help you get.  Call 479-641-1055 or e-mail

QBO or QuickBooks Desktop?

This question has come up more and more…what’s better, what has better features, what about pricing?  Hopefully when this post is done we’ll answer all of your questions regarding the differences and pricing of each so that you can make an informed decision.

Before we go much further, let’s address pricing changes for QuickBooks Online.  QBOBoxtopChanges affect all of us, some good, some bad.


For those of us who have multiple businesses. We now get reduced pricing for having multiple QBO accounts.

Read more QBO or QuickBooks Desktop?

Who do you know?

who-do-you-know-mlmWho DO you know? That question for a small business is HUGE!

Barons’, Inc. is a small business with a HUGE footprint, that’s how we provide for our families.  We do “All Things QuickBooks.” That is, consulting, training, & sales of all Intuit core products & services.  They are QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, QuickBooks POS, & QuickBooks POS Powered by Revel.

Likewise, small business from all over the United States, and the world for that matter do the same thing.  The one common denominator between all small businesses is, we need to know who you know that might need what we have.

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Jones, Rose, & Lawton combined with QBOX = WINNER!

jrlcpaWorking with a local CPA office yesterday! We introduced them to QBox a couple of weeks ago…what a perfect solution to a CPA office that employee bookeepers, does payroll, as well as tax prep and all of the services that go with a CPA office.Qbox

What makes it the perfect fit? I’m glad I asked! 🙂

#1 Nothing really changes for the business owner/QB Data file owner

#2 EASY access to the bookkeeper or payroll admin…

#3 EASY access for the CPA to log into the file anytime that’s convenient to him/her.

#4 Same price for unlimited sharing of said data file…the owner pays $9.00/mo and can share it out with unlimited people… (i.e. Owner has access and shares with Bookkeeper, Payroll Admin, CPA, business partner, mom, dad, and a silent partner…it’s $9.00/mo)

You can find Jones, Rose, & Lawton online at

If you’re thinking at all about using Qbox, please let us help…even if you don’t need our help, use our link…click the Qbox logo above or here:  or call 479-641-1055 or e-mail

Permissions bug in QuickBooks

QBOLogoWorking with a customer today, we upgraded their software from QuickBooks 2009 to QuickBooks 2016 Pro Edition and editing some minor preferences.

One we were finished with the minor preferences, the owner and one of the employees mentioned that they didn’t want the employee to be able to change existing transactions.  As I recall, I stated to them, we set the user permissions up together and the one employee user did not have rights to delete or to modify existing transactions.

They said it happens, he caught one of his employees stealing by changing the cash receipt amount and pocketing the difference…upon confrontation, the employee never came back to work.

I went and checked the user permissions, in fact, everything was set up correctly.

After seeing that this was, in fact, a problem, I called QB Tech support.  We spent about an hour together going through different scenarios and it seems to be tied heavily to the spell check preference.  So…we weren’t able to change or modify an existing transaction under ‘normal’ circumstances.  The caveat was if we changed the transaction and the spell check caught a word, whether ignored or not, would let the user change the transaction even though the user rights were set to NOT allow this modification.

This appears to have been an issue in 2009 as well…didn’t check any edition in between…

See below, the screenshots that I set up…these are the user roles in question that were set up in my customer’s file.


permissions3 permissions2















As always, if you have QuickBooks issues, questions, or need software, please call Barons’, Inc. at 479-641-1055 or 479-273-9885…you can find all of our services and offerings at




QuickBooks Point of Sale Powered by Revel Systems

Did You Know?

QuickBooks POS Powered by Revel Systems has variable pricing so clients can offer discounts when purchasing multiple quantities of an item.



QuickBooks POS Testimonial

Below is a nice testimonial from a recent QuickBooks POS install. Thank you to David Enix for sharing.

“The benefit of the Revel system I like most is the ability to remotely see how the store is performing real time as I am an off-site business owner.  Having access to daily sales and reports has been great.  I don’t have to wait for my store manager to call and give me the days sales information and customer count.

“David Enix of Enix & Associates was instrumental in getting us up and running successfully.  Once we got familiar with how to enter products the ease of use is very high.  The hardware for the system is sleek looking and does not take up a lot of space on our wine tasting bar.  The customers are impressed with the iPad system.  It gives them a sense that everything we do is top of the line and helps justify the cost of our premium products. (I do have a whole rats nest of wires under the bar but it’s hidden from customer view.)

“Our store culture is designed to give people a sense of escapism the moment they walk in the door. Radio Margaritaville streams throughout the store and every inch of open space has been painted to look like old Florida and Key West.  We are very customer focused and work with each customer to help them find the wine that is right for them.  We do this through free wine tasting and high customer interaction.”

Lance Shook – Key West Winery

If you have questions about QuickBooks POS or QuickBooks POS Powered by Revel, we’d love to visit with you.  You can find us at,, or call 479-641-1055

Fresh set of eyes & Networking

My wife, Amie Morris, and I got the opportunity to go and setup at a business expo yesterday with our REACH Home school Co-op. Amie runs a Thirty-One Gifts business.  They do personalized bags, purses, and organizational supplies. VERY cool stuff!  Please go friend her on Facebook and check out her website from the link above.

So, the expo was basically, a place where all the self-employed & home based business owners from REACH could show off our business and talents as well as mingle with other business owners and have other members of our group come in and tour the expo.  There were door prizes given away, free snacks & drinks, and the finale was Todd & Tracy Johnson sharing for the first time, their journey in business building, marriage, paired with parenting & homeschooling their three children.  GREAT JOB Todd & Tracy!

Todd & Tracy’s business is Circa, located online at  Per their website, Circa serves a growing need for the preservation and display of historical assets through the aid of digital technology.  I found it incredibly fascinating. In addition to sharing what they do and their homeschooling journey, they shared a list of recommended business building books such as Jon Acuff’s book, Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters, & The Dream Giver, as well as a few others.

So my door prize was 1 hour free consultation/training on QuickBooks or QuickBooks POS.  The winner was Anthony Bucci. The cool part was I spent a little time speaking with at the expo prior to the drawing and I find his business incredibly fascinating as well.  He’s built a very cool publishing/ad-sales business with multiple income streams, two of which are two Real Estate In Focus publications (RE/Max Real Estate In-Focus and River Valley Real Estate In-Focus.)  I’m totally looking forward to working with Anthony

In our brief discussion after the expo, I learned that he used to use QuickBooks but is currently not.  I also learned about his merchant service rates and pretty stoked that I’ll be able to save him some money there.  As well as the multiple revenue streams screams to me CLASS TRACKING in QuickBooks will allow us to track profit and loss by class to see where the bulk of his money is coming from less expenses to make educated decisions about where to invest time and energy.

Another thing this told me is that we, ALL OF US, myself included, need to spend time with other smart people to get a fresh set of eyes on our business.  This is a time to see if we’re spending too much on insurance, on merchant service, and various bills that we all have as business owners, also that we’re running efficiently, as well as brain storming new ideas to bring to the table, and new profit streams.  Which might I add, Eric Greenspan with 74 Degrees, LLC (his website is  has done a tremendous job with on the QuickBooks/Accounting side, we’re covered up and getting busier, but what a GREAT problem!  We have our #5yearplan and excited about where we’re headed and the new website that’s coming!  THANKS ERIC!

As always, if you have QuickBooks, QuickBooks POS, or Merchant Service questions, want to network, or just go to lunch…give us a shout!  You can find us at or call 479-641-1055 in Central Arkansas or 479-273-9885 in NWA.

Rodden Landscaping – Preferences & Repairing QuickBooks

We love working with Rodden Landscaping! They have been clients of ours for quite a while now. Sometimes, things just happen…you can’t explain it, they just happen…in life, as well as QuickBooks.

Michelle contacted us from Rodden Landscaping in Bentonville, out of the blue the tab key quit working to move between fields in documents such as invoices and at the same time, in the customer list, you should be able to hit the first letter of the customer you’re looking for and QuickBooks will take you to that point in the list…it quit working too.

First thing I checked, given that is was tab key was I remembered that there is a preference setting in QuickBooks that you could turn on and off the enter key to move between fields in QuickBooks, turns out it had nothing to do with the tab key.  This particular preference was put into place because some of the older DOS programs used enter to move between fields, however it got me thinking that it is important for us all, QuickBooks Proadvisors included to look over preferences on a regular basis.  Especially if you are not familiar with the preferences that are in QuickBooks, this is a MUST.  Simple things like the Enter key to move between fields.  Even more interesting if you’ve not been exposed to it is the difference in preferences in Company Preferences and My Preferences. You can set up QuickBooks to your liking using My Preferences and the Admin can set up Company Preferences.

To get to Preferences, go to Edit in the top menu and go all the way down to Preferences.  Again, go check it, set aside and hour or so to go look and see what’s available.

So…preferences, although my first though was not the problem, given that they had two issues seemingly unrelated at the same time, we went to uninstall programs.  In QuickBooks, there is a Repair option, we did that for Michelle and had her up and going within 17 minutes from start to stop.

If you are not familiar with Rodden Landscaping and you’re in Northwest Arkansas, you’ve got to check them out!  They do everything from residential to commercial landscaping.  They do lawn care & maintenance, irrigation services, retaining wall construction, & everything in between.  If you have a need in your yard, chances are, they can take care of it.  You can find them online at or on Facebook at  You can visit them or contact them by phone here:

902 S.E. 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72712
Phone: (479) 271-0867

As always, if you need help or have Questions about QuickBooks, Barons’, Inc. is always a phone call, e-mail, or Facebook message away.  You can find us at or on Facebook at  You could also call us directly at 479-273-9885 in NWA or 479-641-1055 in Central Arkansas